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Mar 19 2012

My “kiddos”

One of my favorite things about TFA is the various background stories, here is part of mine….

It turns out I really freak people out when I call the kids that I watch for my job my “kiddos.” For 10 months now I have been a babysitter, nanny whatever you want to call if for 9 different kids.  I don’t watch them all at the same time – I might go insane if I did that but there are 9 kids that have now become my “kiddos.” Elayna, her brother Mason and friend Max were the first three and last summer the four of us did everything together. In October Max got a little sister Maddie and since mom was home with her, I watch the two of them every few weeks when mama needs a break. (They were my new years dates and let me tell you if that day was how my 2012 is going to be, I am going to have an adventurous year!) In Septemper I met Braylon and his mom who was expecting a daughter, Grace, in November. While I don’t see them as often they have recently become my Wednesday night dates and we have some of the best pajama parties! In January I started watching on a regular basis during the week Lily, Ellie and Rye. The Next door neighbors to my summer buds Elayna and Mason I already new them but spending the last few months with them is where I really got to know these three amazing kids.

My Facebook is full of albums of my “kiddos” and my twitter frequently pops of pictures of the kids doing their various funny things I try to capture  in a photograph. I have been asked by friends from high school, even college if they are my kids. They are in fact not my kids but they will forever be my “kiddos.”

Elayna who just turned eight is so confident and I love to see her dive into her various activities with all her heart. She is going to be a strong leader someday I know it!

Mason became my little nugget man and best friend after we have spent the most days together. He has got the best personality and when he lays his not yet one year old head on my shoulder my heart melts.

Maxer who is two is a firecracker who thinks he is a super hero and I hope he never changes that. I am thrilled everytime I get to see him because he makes my day!

Maddie is still so tiny and a cuddle bug, she loves to be held all the time!

Braylon is one of the most gracious two year olds I have ever known. I already know he is going to be such a great person because of how much he loves. We have the best pajama parties!

Grace is one of the best babies I have ever met, she is so peaceful and adorable.

Lily is the strongest eight year old. She is a celiac diabetic who once wrote she “wishes she could be like all the other kids.” Beyond being strong from that Lily is incredibly smart and I admire her in many ways.

Ellie makes me smile so much my face starts to hurt, the five year old runs off the bus to hug me and “squeeze the stuffing out of me.” She is so excited about everything she does and her imagination is amazing to see.

Rye is one sweet three year old. As we play games, read books or are watching a movie he will just lean over and kiss your arm. It’s so sweet and sincere.

When I leave for Induction I will have been with these kids for a year. When I took the job I didn’t think about how hard it would be to leave. Ellie keeps asking if I can just stay here and teach first grade- becuase that’s where she will be!

I can’t wait to start teaching and get to know my students, but I sure will miss my “kiddos!”


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