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Aug 14 2012

Two Weeks In

So I remember that one time that I was like “yeah I am totally going to blog through institute.”

That did not happen. My last post was me finding out I was officially placed and now here I am two weeks in.

It is amazing to me how fast you learn a school and the students that fill it. I have about 120 students that I teach- which is just under half the school. I thought I would share insights on what I’ve learned so far based off of the statement “I used to think….but now I know.” Which is what we use as a staff for reflection at the end of meetings…and oh yeah the countless times we used it in professional development.

I used to think….

Teachers went home after school and did nothing

I would blog all the time

All students wanted to be in Art because it was an elective

The arts were cared about

I would have an apartment by now

My classroom would always be clean and organized

Data was a pain

I was going to be a regular instructional teacher

But now I know…

Teachers work all. the. time.

That I am only going to blog when I am really trying to avoid grading assignments on echo

Many students are forced to take art to graduate and they would rather get credit for watching paint dry then actually painting

That administrators and many of my co-workers really just see me as an extra body in the hallway because my subject isn’t tested

That I still have two weeks until I move into an apartment and get furniture

My desk will always have stuff on it no matter how many organizational systems I put in place

Data is extremely important to know where each student is at

That teaching at a New Tech school- I am a facilitator which is a completely new concept

Until next time…or at least until I again am trying to look for something else to do besides grade these reflections.



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