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Aug 19 2012

Little Moments

It is the awesome little moments that come completely out of the blue that make me excited for Monday mornings.

1. Grading drawings this morning from my 7/8th grade art class. The students did research about Superheroes and are now creating their own with a power they think would benefit their school. Some of the most creative ideas have come out of this project and it has been great to see but in particular one Superhero has stuck out. That Superhero has the power of mind-reading. Seems pretty typical. Then I read their explanation for why that would help the school. The students wrote that if a Superhero at the school could mind-read they could find the kids that were thinking about bullying and talk to them before it happens. They then would educate the person about why bullying isn’t a good thing and why they shouldn’t do it. I don’t know about you but this 8th grader is my Superhero.

2. Lunch duty. I love being on lunch duty. Sometimes I just go to lunch duty even when it’s not my day. I like talking to my students while they wait in line. One day last week I am speaking with a student of mine who started telling me all about his plans for after high school. He wants to go into the army. He told me that he knows he has to do better but if it doesn’t happen this year he is done. He has failed so many times that if he doesn’t pass this year he won’t be able to finish high school because he doesn’t want to be a “20 year old senior.” So I asked him what did he need to make sure he passes. He knew the answer. I asked what are you going to do to make sure that happens. He again knew the answer. He then had a question for me. In order to pass he needed 30 AR points each semester and he just couldn’t find a book he was interested in. I asked him a few questions and said I’d go to the library and try to find a few he might like.

He was absent the next two days but on Friday when he came to my class I showed him the books that I pulled. He looked at me completely dumb founded and said, “you actually looked up books for me?” I told him yeah I did and I was going to read which ever one he picked so that we could talk about it, to make sure he passes that AR test. Walking away from that conversation I couldn’t believe the excited but shocked look on his face when I did something to help him. He told me he had just been shuffled along because he kept failing, he didn’t think anyone was really watching.

3. My advisory kids. If I end up staying here longer than my two years I can guarantee it is going to be because I want to stay with my advisory kids until they graduate. That is five years by the way, they are 8th graders. Oh boy.

Well it is that Sunday night, time to get some sleep for that Monday morning.

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