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Oct 14 2012

Yep, I Teach Art…

…and I’m a teacher, I work hard, I spend my Sundays triple checking lesson plans, I grade papers…etc. I do everything you do.

I had to fight wanting to study art in college. Now I feel like I have to fight for being an art teacher.

Since school began in August whenever I meet someone new or even speaking with someone I work with everyday I get this “oh, you’re just an art teacher.”

When someone is telling me about all the work they have to do and I respond with “oh yeah man me too.” I get a funny look and a “yeah but thats different work, I mean come on, it’s art.”

I once had a co-worker tell me that my work wasn’t as important as his because all I do is teach kids about how to use scissors properly.

While what I really want to do is get frustrated right now I’m going to be channeling my energy into a new project.

When you teach PBL there always has to be that real-world connection and this is the real world connection my art students and I deal with everyday.


Updates to come as the project unfolds.

2 Responses

  1. G

    I wish I could teach art…seriously!

  2. jhirschart

    amen. You are not alone in this. All over the country there are dedicated art educators advocating for their program, myself included. The lack of support and respect put forth by many fellow teachers and administrates can be disheartening. Hang in their, I bet your doing great. I feel sorry for the teacher whom thinks your only responsibility is to teach students how to cut paper. Clearly that individual did not take their art education very seriously. They are ignorant to how much a quality art education can enrich your life.

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