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Oct 14 2012

Yep, I Teach Art…

…and I’m a teacher, I work hard, I spend my Sundays triple checking lesson plans, I grade papers…etc. I do everything you do. I had to fight wanting to study art in college. Now I feel like I have to fight for being an art teacher. Since school began in August whenever I meet someone…

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Aug 19 2012

Little Moments

It is the awesome little moments that come completely out of the blue that make me excited for Monday mornings. 1. Grading drawings this morning from my 7/8th grade art class. The students did research about Superheroes and are now creating their own with a power they think would benefit their school. Some of the…

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Aug 14 2012

Two Weeks In

So I remember that one time that I was like “yeah I am totally going to blog through institute.” That did not happen. My last post was me finding out I was officially placed and now here I am two weeks in. It is amazing to me how fast you learn a school and the…

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May 24 2012

48 hours

In just 48 hours it is crazy what has happened. Originally I was placed in Elementary Ed, got everything ready for that. Finished all the Praxis exams my January, started to gather materials…had what felt like way to many skype interviews. It began to get exhausting having a skype interview then hearing nothing…and I began…

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Mar 19 2012

My “kiddos”

One of my favorite things about TFA is the various background stories, here is part of mine…. It turns out I really freak people out when I call the kids that I watch for my job my “kiddos.” For 10 months now I have been a babysitter, nanny whatever you want to call if for…

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Mar 19 2012

Making Each Moment Count

It’s been one year exactly since I had to pick up my cap and gown for graduation and where I am at now is totally different then where I thought I would be. Since being an accepted 2012 corps member I have been anxiously awaiting getting started! Since September I have been volunteering at my…

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Dec 06 2011


It has been just under one month since I was accepted as a 2012 corps member for the Mississippi Delta area. I am very eager to get more information and to get started. I graduated from Beloit College in Wisconsin just about seven months ago. This year break I have in between has only made…

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